California Code of Regulations on Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are hand-held pressurized units that contain an agent to fight fire – which might be a chemical, foam, or water. They are usually marked for fighting 4 different fire types, including the following:

Type A Fire: Which is composed of such ordinary combustible materials like paper and wood
Type B Fire: Comprised of flammable liquids like grease or gasoline
Type C […]

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When Are Fire Sprinklers Required In California?

fire sprinkler
Fire safety is a significant concern for everything – from tenants and property owners to managers and all. This is because fires in both commercial and residential establishments may lead to people getting seriously injured or killed.
To a lesser extent, a fire could also destroy important property and records, damage merchandise, ruin expensive electronics and equipment, and even put people out of […]

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California Fire Protection and Backflow
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