Fire Extinguisher Sales Service and Testing

Fire Extinguisher Service and Inspection

We service and certify all types of fire extinguishers from residential to commercial keeping you compliant with insurance providers and local fire authority.

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Commercial Fire Extinguisher Service

Many times businesses call us because their local fire authority or insurance company has issued a warning that their fire extinguishers need to be inspected or serviced.

Fire Extinguisher Service and Testing Orange County, CACalifornia Fire Protection and Backflow is a State licensed fire protection inspector. We will come to your building to inspect and service your extinguishers. We can certify anywhere from 1 to hundreds of fire extinguishers in a day. We even provide prorated bulk fire extinguisher service rates for large commercial buildings.

Commercial extinguishers (A, B, and C) require the following inspections by a licensed fire protection company:

Annual Inspection: We ensure that your cylinder is maintaining the proper pressure, full of the required amount of extinguish agent, and that all external parts are in working order.

6 Year Maintenance: For the 6 year maintenance all of the working parts will be broken down and inspected. We remove all of the contents of your extinguisher. All of the components are disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and replaced if found to be defective. Extinguishers are then re-filled and recharged.

12 Year Maintenanced: We perform all of the requirements of a 6 year inspection as well as perform a hydrostatic test of the cylinder. Hydrostatic testing is an expansion test to ensure that your extinguisher can safely hold pressure.

At the end of the service each extinguisher will be equipped with the required tag to satisfy local fire authorities and insurance providers.

Fire Extinguisher Service Orange County, CA

Residential Fire Extinguisher Service

The State does not require residential fire extinguisher inspections however it is recommended to have them performed yearly to make sure that the extinguisher is working if your family needs it. We will test and service your extinguishers to give you peace of mind. Any extinguisher that is over 6 years old and has not been services is likely non-functioning.

Why Chose California Fire Protection and Backflow?

  • State licensed fire protection inspector
  • We file all documents with the local fire and water authority so you don’t have to
  • Most services are performed within 2-3 business days
  • You will be reminded before your inspections are coming up so that you can stay in compliance.
  • We are a full service fire protection and backflow inspection company providing services such as fire sprinkler inspections, restaurant fire suppression systems, and backflow tests and repair.

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